Understanding Keyboard

Variation A

The set of typewriter-like keys that enable one to
enter data into a computer. Computer keyboards
are similar to electric-typewriter keyboards but
contain additional keys. The keys on computer
keyboards are often classified as follows:

Alphanumeric Keys

* Letters and Numbers

Punctuation Keys

* Comma, Period, Semicolon, etc.

Special Keys

* Function Keys, Control Keys,
Arrow Keys, Caps Lock Key, etc.

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Variation B

A hardware device consisting of
a number of mechanical buttons (keys)
which the user presses to input characters
to a computer.

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Variation C

Device made up of a set of keys
on a piano or organ or typewriter or
typesetting machine or computer or the like

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Variation D

A set of keys, usually arranged in tiers,
for operating a typewriter, typesetting
machine, computer terminal, or the like.

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